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ASU Foundation, Inc.

Under the leadership of pg电子下载 State University President Walter Washington, the organizational meeting for the university’s foundation was held on July 31, 1973年在杰克逊的海德堡酒店, 密西西比州.

The incorporators were Mr. 罗伯特W. Bowles; Mr. 罗伯特D. Gage, III; Mr. 罗伯特·C. Garraway; Mr. 理查德·G. Hastings; Mr. 约翰D. Holland; Dr. Ruby E.S. Lyells; Mr. Carl McIntire, Jr.; Mr. 奥利弗·G. 泰勒,小.; Dr. 克利奥帕特拉维. Thompson; and Dr. Walter Washington.


The visit for the 校友及教职员发展办公室 for the College of Agriculture and Applied sciences is to Advance the goal, objectives and priorities of the university and school.



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